When Wonder Promotions and Events partnered up with CrossFit Northlake in 2014 to put on our first Goddess Games, our goal was to give women a safe, encouraging, and positive environment to see their athletic potential. We wanted to instill a sense of confidence in the athletes, while also inspiring those around us.
4th annual all women's competition to raise money for Dove's Nest. Individual and 2 person team event.

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Goddess Games 2017 – Wonder Promotions and Events

*Warning: some material may not be suitable for young children. Coming up this August 15th and 16th, Wonder Promotions and Events and CrossFit Northlake will present our 2nd Annual Goddess Games to benefit Justice Ministries. Justice Ministries is a local nonprofit organization committed to ...
Crossfit Northlake opened their doors in 2012. Since then we've been committed to hiring only the most experienced and talented coaches available.Missing:

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Goddess Games 2016 – Wonder Promotions and Events

After watching the Goddess Games all last weekend I realized the extreme talent of women we have in our area. How fun would it be to be able to workout with, and learn from other girls from other gyms. My overall vision is to create a fun group of girls that get together four times a month to challenge each other, teach each ...
Now that the Masters Classic is over, time to mark the calendars for the next event to take you out of your comfort zone. This needs to be The Goddess Games over at CrossFit Northlake. I am obviously biased because I know that JB and Amy put on an incredible event last year and are set to make it even ...

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CrossFit Northlake. United States. Region. Mid Atlantic. Location. 8721 Sidney Circle, Suite 500. Charlotte, NC, 28269. Phone. (704) 300-8360. Website. crossfitnorthlake.com · Download Games App. Volunteer for Regionals. Atlantic - West Palm Beach, FL · Central - Nashville, TN · East - Albany, NY · Europe - Berlin, ...Missing:
Goddess Games 2017 in Charlotte, CrossFit Northlake, Saturday, 19. August 2017 - 4th annual all women's competition to raise money for Dove's Nest. Individual and 2 person team event.

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CrossFit NoDa - Workout of the Day

See Instagram photos and videos taken at 'CrossFit Northlake'
Sports. Goddess Games 2017 at CrossFit Northlake: This will be the fourth annual all women's competition to raise money for Dove's Nest. Sat-Sun. Free. Details. Circle K Back-to-School Monster Truck Bash at Charlotte Motor Speedway: 6 p.m. $11-$32. Details. Soccer at Sportsplex at Matthews: Charlotte ...

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Save the date! Goddess Games 2018 coming August 11th and 12th. This will be the 5th year for this all women's fitness competition at CrossFit Northlake. Saturday, August 11th will be the 2 person team competition day and Sunday, August 12th will be the individual competition. Registration opens in May. #wonderpromos ...
#wonderpromos #goddessgames #goddessgames2018 #crossfitnorthlake #girlswholift #crossfit #crossfitgirls #wonderpromos #crossfit #goddessgames #crossfitgirls #girlswholift. #Repost @jsongsnacks @get_repost ・・・ Were thrilled to be a part of the Goddess Games 2017 this weekend at CrossFit Northlake.

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Kyrae Brawley Harding (@piper_dolle) | Instagram photos and videos

Casually waiting for thedavecastro to end my world with this dumbbell movement.
Put in the best work you can everyday and don't let the naysayers goddess games 2018 crossfit northlake you down.
Teddy Roosevelt for the win.
Hope everyone enjoys the open!
Embrace the community and support for each other that comes with the open!
Unless you're legitimately trying to qualify for regionals, and don't be delusional about it, have fun and don't let the leaderboard be your main oktoberfest 2018 />My goal this year: unless I royally screw up don't repeat goddess games 2018 crossfit northlake workout.
And don't look at my standings until the very end.
Get out there and kill it!
Use code tgram13 for 10% of your unitedlifters order flytesport 16wks and sucking wind!
After a 1RM back squat at 85% 185 of my previous max, I slowly worked through this Metcon.
UPDATE: 225 snatch is still a miss UPDATE: I don't plan on giving up.
Read a few books on mindset how it can affect you in a positive or negative way, Chasing Excellence by benbergeron being a great one.
I did what I could with a somewhat sore body today and hit a solid 205 and fought for 215.
I know what I need to goddess games 2018 crossfit northlake to hit 225, I just have to show up and put the work in.
The closer you bring your hands in the harder it will be.
Focus on a slow decent and an quick explosive push, to best build strength and simulate the handstand push up.
Hope this helps someone!
Thanks caioc37 and kellyleed for pushing me to keep trying!
Yesterdays squats were 10 singles at 80% or more.
The knee was feeling perfect so I decidedto push it and hit a solid 315 with no knee pain and no stiffness today.
If you're facing an injury be patient, click at this page it and let your minor setback drive you even more.
Athletes, THIS is why data can be so important!
We took it a step further and figured out his energy availability which is just 24 calories per kilogram of body weight!
Optimizing EA improves energy and performance; reduces injury and promotes healing; reduces illness; improves sleep and focus.
Divide EA by your weight in kilograms.
When EA is low, you may have:.
Impaired ability to utilize glucose effectively for energy.
Increase in body fat.
Slowing of your metabolic rate.
Decreased production of growth hormone critical to growth and repair.
Symptoms to be on the look out for:.
Absent or irregular menstruation.
Recurring illnesses or infections.
Stress fractures or bone injuries.
For more on how to calculate your EA and tips on how to optimize it, watch the video on Facebook Meg Carber, RDN.
Started off the day in a funk.
Didn't want to do much of anything at all except lay around with the pup.
After a quick conversation and some encouragement from my fiancé, my mood quickly changed.
And then before the going to the gym I saw the always awesome saying inside my unitedlifters shirt.
Shortly followed by a deceivingly nasty set of 8 minute workouts.
Surround yourself with people that lift you up and push you to do better.
Get rid of the negativity and toxic people and things in your life.
That's beauty of life, you can change it!
Lift each other up, spread the love, and own this weekend!
Stay tuned for tips to optimize your nutrition posted here weekly until 18.
Motivation can only get you so far.
Dedication is what will get you through the struggles, and the times when you don't want to get to the gym.
Today's programming was 800m runs for time, and we all here how much fun running is.
I had little desire to go do these and almost skipped out, but the things you don't want to do are likely what you kof 2018 online game do.
Know that the work put in read article manifest itself more than you thought possible.
Stay dedicated, stay driven, stay hungry.
With a partner 5 rounds of 24 deadlift 18 hang power clean 12 jerks Increasing weight each round 95-115-135-155-175 Then go for a max clean and jerk.
This is a miss at 245.
Watching this I need to catch with my hips under me rather than pushed back.
PS the new album is killer!
Been able to get in good work while not stressing the knee too much!
Set goals for this year and chase after them!
Not a lot of weight by any means, but after taking a break from squats to get my see more healthy, I played it safe.
It got spicy and my knee didn't hurt.
Followed by 20-15-10-5 of pull ups, toes to bar, and air squats.
No motivational sayings today, just get after it this weekend and enjoy life.
My absolute LEAST favorite weightlifting movement.
Today I felt a little more comfortable underneath that bar though!
They are seriously EVERYTHING.
When your pastor drops a hype track, you do squats.
It took me a while to figure out WHY I lift, and by a while I mean years.
These days the true focus and purpose has shifted to being of healthy mind and body for my future family and those around me.
If I'm not healthy then I can't fulfill whatever purpose God may have in my future.
Get going, build momentum, set goals and bull doze right through them.
Set new goals repeat.
An object in motion tends to stay in motion.
The read more of the home gym!
So enjoy an extra piece of pie and a big pile of mashed potatoes.
The weights will always be there, time to make memories with friends and family won't be.
You won't lose all of your gains from a few weeks of enjoying yourself.
Work out to live, don't live to work out.
No time to make it to the CrossFit gym so I went to the apartment gym for an old fashioned lung burner.
Every body wants to change their body image or strength or something about their life style.
A lot of people talk about it but fear the change and the work it requires.
Do the work, I promise it'll be worth it in the end.
Do you really want it?
Tee shirt and socks by unitedlifters unitedlifters Time to empty the tank today!!
It's quite the opposite, it just changes the way you approach adversity.
After trying to PR my snatch at 225 5 days within a week and a half my knee got tweaked.
It's been tough limiting my movements, especially with the open around the corner, but I'm willing to fight through it.
That's what faith and trust does.
It teaches you to fight for the things you truly want.
There are plenty of people who will tell you you're crazy or your goals are too lofty.
Get up, get faith, and never quit fighting for what you want.
Congrats to Josh and Heather for losing over 15lbs collectively to win a free pair of reebok Nano 7.
First piece of the future home gym of the Grammels!
It may seem like your progressing slowly or not at all.
But every inch matters, small progress is still progress and it adds up over time.
First time hitting a heavy split jerk in a while, and PR'd at 260.
A 5 pound pr, it's not much but it's still progress.
Yes it's sloppy but it was literally the last 10 seconds of the 12 minute cap.
Let me teach you how to fuel your body to feel your best and END the yo-yo diets!
Knees and hips have been hurting lately, trying to get back on track with some old rehab exercises and some romwod with the pup.
Remaining persistent and optimistic through injuries, small or large, is difficult.
But, it's also the key to progress and success.
Both of my 3rd attempts felt pretty easy, hopefully more in the future.
Thank you seanmrigsby and harristayler for hosting!
Max triple squat directly into a 1 rep.
Thought about re racking after the glazier coaching clinic 2018 rep of the triple and decided to get my mind right and finish what I started.
It's all about your mindset.
If you doubt yourself and think you can't do something you're going to be right.
But if you have confidence and approach your situation like you're gonna kill it, you'll also be right.
Hoodie by unitedlifters CrossFit has goddess games 2018 crossfit northlake turn me into a person that I am confident to be.
Want to learn some practical tips to stay healthy through the goddess games 2018 crossfit northlake season while still enjoying yourself?
Check my Facebook page throughout the week for tips!
Felt good to finally get back under the barbell.
But, at 530 AM 205 feels like 255.
Still got more accomplished than if I would have slept in because "You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.
DB thrusters kill me every time, I still can't find a comfortable way to hold them while doing the thruster.
Just gotta grit the teeth and grind through it.
If you're facing a struggle grit your teeth and grind through, you may be much closer to the end goal than you think.
Getup, get after it.
When your fiancé is at a work conference where Lou Ferrigno is a speaker and she sends you this knowledge that he dropped!
But throw in a taxed midline with high heart rate and heavy breathing and they get insanely more difficult.
Use goddess games 2018 crossfit northlake tgram13 for 10% off your order with unitedlifters unitedlifters Never a dull day here at CrossFit Huntersville.
Pumpkin partner halloWOD for the win, and the right to eat all of that candy.
Pretty sure it wasn't that extreme but trying to hang power clean 225 for three without a hook grip was a total failure.
Ready for this thumb to heal up and get back at it.
Little impromptu last night with some of my faves!
But, they may be just exactly what you need in order to better yourself.
I cut the ever loving crap out of my thumb cutting a spaghetti squash, so gripping a barbell is out of the question for the next week unless I want my thumb to peel like a banana.
So today was focusing on the engine and lungs.
Hill sprints followed my isometric work to keep the knee on track and healthy.
learn more here always a way to better yourself and get something out of your current situation, it's all about your perspective.
Been getting busy in the evenings with wedding planning and just life in general so I could sleep in and say I don't have time.
But, if you truly want to do something you'll make the time.
Get up, get after it.
PR pause front squat, PR pause snatch, PR split jerk 295,315,340.
In case you're starting of with a case of the Mondays, here are some puppers snuggling from this weekend.
Now have a great week and kill it.
Now it's time to put this new knowledge to work!
If you don't want to something because it's going to be difficult chances are you should do it.
Battle through your weaknesses and you can grow so much as please click for source person physically and mentally.
It is done with a rack of dumbbells.
The movement performed is the dumbbell thruster.
I warmed up and cooled down with 800m on the treadmill.
Getting in 130 thrusters in a hotel gym gets some odd looks.
If you're failing out sooner than you would like during your workout give this one a try.
Only has 50mg of caffeine and nothing artificial, ideal for runners, boot campers, crossfit athletes or anyone who trains intensely.
Also proud of these crossfithuntersville athletes on their podiums!
So unbelievably proud of these 6 individuals.
The Festivus Games at Crossfit Charlotte was the perfect stage to display their abilities and the outcome of hard work week after week at the gym.
Help me in congratulating some of Crossfit Huntersville's finest!
Amazing job guys, proud to be your coach.
What I love about these workouts is the fact that they only hurt as much as you want them to.
Do you want to push it and get better or just coast and kinda get out of breath.
It's just like everything else in goddess games 2018 crossfit northlake, you get what you put in.
Put forth your best effort, try to be better than you were yesterday.
Not to be better than someone else, but to be the best person you can be.
Lift each other up don't put each other down.
Use tgram13 at check out for 10% off unitedlifters Sometimes you've gotta suck it up, put down those beloved weights, and get some CARDIO in.
Anybody else feel like they have tree trunks for legs?
That was a good burger.
The knee has been flaring up lately, so it's back to rehabbing that and some isometric lifting.
But this day in age, lets spread a little love.
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