Essential and useful information about the Oktoberfest: When will the Oktoberfest 2018 take place? On Saturday, September 22nd, the Schottenhamel tent is the place to be, if you want to catch the official opening ceremonies. At noon, the Mayor of Munich will have the honor of tapping the first keg of Oktoberfest beer. - Tickets, information, getting there and bavarian beer. In our shop you can find dirndl, lederhosen and official souvenirs of the Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich.

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Oktoberfest 2018

Planning a trip to Munich in Germany for Oktoberfest 2018? It's never too early to start planning for Oktoberfest so save the dates.
Oktoberfest is the world's most famous beer festival, held for a few weeks each year in the German city of Munich. Attracting thousands upon thousands of people from around the world to Munich,...

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Addison Oktoberfest 2018 – Welcome to #AOK18!

Wanting to get to Munich for Oktoberfest in 2018 for a party of 2, but have no idea whether to wing it alone or do a package through a tour guide. Any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Munich Oktoberfest Information, Accommodation and Tours. Munich Oktoberfest 2018. The Munich Oktoberfest (Munich Beerfest) is one of the most famous events and the world's largest fair. Oktoberfest 2018 will be no exception. With some six million people attending every year, it is an important part of Bavarian culture.

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Leavenworth Oktoberfest 2018 | Leavenworth Washington

Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich, Germany will be amazing. But what do you need to know? Everything. Learn about the festival and plan the best trip ever!
As you may know, Oktoberfest takes place each year beginning on the third Saturday in September and ending on the first Sunday in October. As a result, we are able to offer our Oktoberfest tour packages more than a year in advance. Below are the incredible experiences we are set to offer in 2018. Don't miss out on the ...

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Oktoberfest 2018 in Munich, Germany – Festicket

Oktoberfest 2017 starts on September 16th in Munich and ends on October 3. See Oktoberfest dates for 2018 through 2021 as well.
The 185th Munich Oktoberfest (beer festival) is all set to run from from September 22nd until October 7th 2018. The "Wiesn“ - the world's largest fair – attracts some 6.4 million visitors a year. Don't miss it!

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Oktoberfest Insider - The Ultimate Oktoberfest 2018 FAQ

Expected visitor traffic for the Oktoberfest 2018. Saturdays are known to be very crowded. Sundays and bank holidays also attract more visitors than usual. On three days, entrances to the Oktoberfest may be closed by the police except for those with a valid reservation. The chart is valid just for fine weather ...
Make sure to book your hotel early…Tickets will go on sale around the first of September! Free transportation in Leavenworth, live music, German food, arts and crafts, and activities for the whole family (oh yeah and did we say “beer”?). Oktoberfest in Leavenworth is the next best thing to being in Munich! This year we have.

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Oktoberfest-Calendar 2018 | Oktoberfest 2018 | - The Oktoberfest Website

The festivities continue until Sunday, October 7th, 2018.
Opening hours Octoberfest Munich Drinking hours Monday to Friday welsh chepstow 2018 runners 10:00 a.
Sales stands are open Opening day from 10:00 a.
Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.
Friday from 10:00 a.
Sideshows and attractions Opening day from 12:00 a.
Monday to Thursday from 10:00 a.
Please note: At the weekends the beer tents are often closed as of noontime due to overcrowding!
Family days Oktoberfest Munich Both "Family Tuesdays" offer reduced prices of admissions and attractions - from 12:00 a.
Midday Oktoberfest Monday — Friday except holidays from 10 a.
Whether you go into one of the huge beer marquees or one of the smaller tents a party atmosphere is guaranteed and the beer tastes great wherever you are!
You will be spoilt for choice!
Old favourites and white knuckle rides There is something for everyone with a whole range of brand new white knuckle rides definitely not for the faint-hearted!
It all started with a horse race which the national guard staged for the oktoberfest 2018 on 17th August 1810 to mark the wedding of the Ludwig Crown Prince oktoberfest 2018 Bavaria visit web page King Ludwig I to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.
The race was such a success that it was staged again the following year on the Theresienwiese — the meadow named in honour of the Princess.
From 1870 onwards the number of stalls began to increase and in 1896 the very first beer tents were erected which sold only beer brewed in Munich — a tradition which has remained to the present day.
Due to lack of space the horse races with which it all began were staged for the last time in 1936.
The tent seats a many as 8,500 people.
The tent seats 8,400 people.
The tent seats 9,300.
Party till you drop is the order of the day here!
The tent seats 9,350.
The tent seats 8,500.
Some 70 to 90 oxen are consumed during the 16 days of the fair.
The tent seats 7,400.
Players from FC Bayern Munich can sometimes be link here.
The tent seats 10,900.
The smaller Oktoberfest "Wirtezelte" These slightly smaller tents are run exclusively by Munich based publicans all of whom are under licence to the larger breweries.
The tent seats 7,430.
The tent seats 700.
It is extremely popular with the younger visitors.
The tent seats 10,000.
The gallery is always full of celebrities from the worlds of film, sport and business.
The tent seats 4,200.
Because of the extended licensing hours to 1 a.
The tent seats 2,900.
The tent oktoberfest 2018 5,442.
Wine tent Oktoberfest 2018 lovers have to make do with Weißbier or swap to one of the many excellent wines served here.
The is a tent which always has far more women in than men so it is considered oktoberfest 2018 be a tent with a high flirt factor!
The tent seats 2,400.
Traditional food at the Oktoberfest Visitors also eat huge amounts of traditional hearty fare such as Hendl chickenSchweinsbraten roast porkHaxn knuckle of porkSteckerlfisch grilled fish on a stickWürstl sausages along with Brezn PretzelKnödeln potato or bread dumplingsKaasspotzn cheese noodlesReiberdatschi potato pancakesSauerkraut or Rotkraut red cabbage along with such as Obatzda a fatty, spiced cheese-butter concoction and Weisswurst a white sausage.
Next dates: Munich Oktoberfest 2018: September 22 - October 7 Munich Oktoberfest 2019: September 21 - October 6 Further Information: Munich Tourist Office Telephone: +49 0 89 oktoberfest 2018 Fax: +49 0 89 23330233 Email: Homepage:.

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